The Hugely Tiny Festival

Small Sights And Sounds: Big Experience

  • Date: February 9 &10
  • Time: 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Admission: Free
  • Location: 680 East Colorado, Pasadena

It’s staggeringly minuscule!  It’s incredibly quiet!  It titillates the ear, eye and mind in a dizzying expanse of screens, sculptures, installations, dioramas, animatronics, books, fabrics and performances dedicated to the premise that size and significance, volume and value, duration and dynamism are not necessarily related.  It’s NewTown’s Hugely Tiny Festival and its coming to the heart of Pasadena’s Playhouse District to delight, astonish and stimulate art lovers, people of all sizes and aesthetics with SoCal’s most diverse, least trivial, massively largest exploration of tininess. The Hugely Tiny Festival is dedicated to the premise that where artistic significance, volume, duration, dynamism and value are concerned, tiny is one heck of a big idea.

Jacki Apple
The Dark Bob
Nicholas Fedak II
Christine Ferriter
Kathi Flood
Stanton Hunter
Islands of L.A.
Marcos Lutyens & Daniela Frogheri
Nuttaphol Ma
Megan Madzoeff
Marianne Magne
Michelle Martinez
Cielo Pessione O’Brien
Christine Panushka
Tim Quinn
Karen Reitzel
Lisa Schoyer
Robert Wechsler
Alan Wolfson
Pinar Yoldas

Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Arthur Jarvinen
Lewis Keller
Mark Trayle

The Hugely Tiny Trio (Emily Hay, Joe Berardi and Motoko Honda, plus special guests Jessica Catron, Jeremy Drake, Carey Fosse, Arthur Jarvinen, Melinda Rice, Michael Vlatkovich & others)

CalArts Animation Workshop, School of Film and Video
Laurel Beckman
Marianne Magne
Curt LeMieux
Michael Szpakowski
Pinar Yoldas

Donlavy Dance Company
Lineage Dance

Made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.  A special thank-you to IDS Real Estate Group and Playhouse Office, LLC.