Shelved Art

  • Locations: All Pasadena Public Libraries. Click here for locations and hours.
  • Dates: January 30 through May 30, 2015
  • Hours: Variable by library branches.
  • Admission: Free
  • Information: Lorri Deyer, Project Director – (310) 592-8791
  • Images: Available upon request



About Shelved Art

Shelved Art transforms a trip to any Pasadena Library into an adventure in the stacks. Four exceptional regional artists have hidden their creations inside books: not simply visual art photographed to fit on a postcard, but works created expressly for the 4.25″x5.5″ format. The artists have each selected 100 books they feel relate to their original work of art. But why insert in that title? Why that specific page? Crawl inside the artists’ brains to discover how they think, how they assign meaning to often abstract imagery, or let simple serendipity plunk an art work into your hands. The cards are yours to take home to enjoy, or send them to friends before visiting our web site where you can become an art critic, query the artists and participate in community-wide dialogue.

About Newtown

NewTown is a non-profit consortium of accomplished professional artists and artist/ administrators – musicians, dancers, film and video makers and visual artists – all of whom donate their time to ensure new creative opportunities for their colleagues throughout Southern California. For 20 years, NewTown has presented OVER 675 artists in all disciplines, brought art works and new art forms to an estimated 400,000 people–many of the events free and in public spaces.

Shelved Art was made possible by a grant from the Pasadena Arts and Culture Commission and the gracious cooperation of the Pasadena Public Library’s leadership and staff.

Defining itself as “a laboratory for innovative presentational formats”, NewTown brings new audiences to today’s cutting-edge art, while providing artists with new and challenges contexts in which to make new art. As an organization run by working artists, NewTown is committed to advancing regional alternative arts through advocacy for funding, access to venues and, most importantly, payment to artists.

About the Artists

KimKIM ABELES installations and community projects cross disciplines and media to explore biography, geography and environment. Abeles received the 2013 Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, and is a recipient of fellowships from J. Paul Getty Trust Fund for the Visual Arts, California Community Foundation and Pollack-Krasner Foundation. She has created artwork in conjunction with a unique range of collaborators including California Bureau of Automotive Repair, California Science Center, Department of Mental Health, and natural history museums in California, Colorado and Florida. In 1987, she innovated a method to create images from the smog in the air, and Smog Collectors brought her work to national and international attention. She has exhibited in twenty-two countries; and, Kim Abeles: Encyclopedia Persona A-Z toured the USA, and throughout South America sponsored by the United States Information Agency. Abeles’ journals, artists books and process documents are archived at the Center for Art + Environment, Nevada Museum of Art.

PatPAT GOMEZ is an artist, independent curator, and arts administrator exhibited widely in Southern California and Mexico and is in private and public collections including L.A. County Museum of Art. She earned her Master and Bachelor degrees in visual art from Cal State University, Fullerton. She is a Creative Services Manager for LA Metro, where she manages public art projects in rail and bus facilities, among other responsibilities. For 11 years, she managed the Art Collection, Private Arts Development Fee, and Murals programs for the L.A. Department of Cultural Affairs.

AnnANN LE is inspired by the cultural contexts in her life; she correlates the artificial with remembrances of family drama. Sentiment is vital in her works as she pulls from her personal experiences to construct imposing art. She creates work which questions the idea of photography as sculpture. And utilizes a variety of mediums including photography, collage, illustration, and installation. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor and lives in Los Angeles.

JuliePoet, performer, visual artist, JULIE EZELLE PATTON is the author of Notes for Some (Nominally) Awake (Yo Yo Labs), Musing Blue to Get Black (Crayon), and Building by the Side of the Road (About Place Journal, 2012). B (Tender Buttons Press), and Writing With Crooked Ink (Belladonna) are forthcoming in 2015. Julie’s work has been featured in I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues, 2012), ((eco (lang (uage(reader)), Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Work by Women, Ecopoetics, and PSA’s Crossroads. Julie is a recipient of a 2015 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant (Poetry), 2012 Doan Brook Association Watershed Hero Award, and a 2007 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (Poetry). Julie has taught at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (Boulder, Colorado), Schule fur Dichtung (Vienna, Austria); and performed her complex vocal improvisations with pianist Uri Caine, Barnaby McAll, and other internationally renowned composer/instrumentalists, here in the USA, and abroad.

Did you find a card? Let’s hear about your experience in the comments section below.

Did you find a card? Let’s hear about your experience in the comments section below.