Pop-Up Films

An international celebration of short films on the walls and windows of the shops on South Lake Avenue west side of Lake from Del Mar Ave. to San Pasqual in Pasadena.

June 3 & 4, 2011, dusk to 11:00 PM

A Free Event

Monty Adkins & Oliver Jones
Suspended Edges (2010)
Queens Gate, England

Beth Block
Pas de Roundabout (2011)
Pas de Carousel (2011)
Sylmar, CA

Jacob Cooper
Commencer Une Autre Mort
Brooklyn, NY

Francis Dhomont & Ines Wickman
Derive (2010)
Avignon, France

David Downes
Generation (2004)
Wellington, New Zealand

Huckleberry Lain & Alejandro Cohen
Implosion of Light (2011)
Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Leister
Trace/Cut/Paint (2011)
Venice, CA

Daniel Maldonado & Mike Vernusky
Episode #21: Hidden (2010)
Austin, TX

Dennis Miller
White Noise (2007)
Wellesley, MA

Joao Pedro Oliveira & Takagi Masakatsu
Bloomy Girls (2006)
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Alessandro Perini
Viaggio in Una Citta Invisible
Rome Italy

Trixy Sweetvittles & Venison Whirled
Dream Lover Fondue (2004)
Los Angeles, CA

Chia-Chi Tseng
Libabgbang (2010)
Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Zukowski & Daniel Zajicek, USA
Bubblegum Flesh (2010)
Bozeman, MT

Made possible by grants from The Pasadena Department of Cultural Affairs, The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the gracious cooperation of Vornado Realty Trust and The South Lake Business District and Projections on Lake.

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