Hugely Tiny Festival 2012

The Return Of Our Most Popular Exhibition!
Seriously Miniature Art Plus Great Holiday Gifts

  • Opening Reception: November 9th 7 to 9pm
  • Exhibition dates and hours: November 10th and 11th from 1pm to 8pm
  • Location: 455 S. Lake St #102 in Pasadena
    This is just South of the Macy’s next to the Coffee Bean
Featuring: George Barker, Joe Berardi, Cindy Cronk, Christine Ferriter, Kathi Flood, Stanton Hunter, Brenda Hurst, Jeanne Jo, Heather Lockie, Marianne Magne, Michele Martinez, Anne McGuire, Asami Morita, Ambar Navarro, Christine Panushka, Jennifer Phiffer, James Rojas, Suzanne Siegel, Maitejosune Urrechaga, Kira Vollman, Pat Warner
USC School of Cinematic Arts, Lisa Mann Instructor with:, Laura Cechanowicz, Melanie D’Andrea, Drew Diamond, Christina Granados, Mahin Ibrahim, Amy Lee Ketchum, Julius Robins, Margaret To and, Simon Wiscombe


Welcome one and all, boys and girls of all ages. Join us for a wonderful weekend of robot bugs, micro paintings, mini sculptures and tiny artwork. We have a delightful presentation of all small things with big ideas fueling them.

You will see machines, you will see musical instruments, you will see small melted body parts to a warped human-like creature. Don’t be frightened, folks. This is all in good fun and for your entertainment.

We have a tremendous assortment of 31 fresh and amazing artists from all around the country creating 20 works that experiment with different techniques revolving around the idea of short, small or miniature.

Hurry, hurry! This show will not last long and all your friends and family will be talking about it. Don’t miss out or you will be sorry. Artwork will be for sale.

Made possible by grants from the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division and The Pasadena Arts and Culture Commission; Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the support of members like you. A special thank-you goes to Vornado Realty who are generously donating the gallery space.

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Brenda Hurst, Hugely Tiny 2, 2012

George Barker, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Stanton Hunter, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Heather Lockie, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Asami Morita, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Ambar Navarro, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Suzanne Siegel, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Kira Vollman, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012

Pat Warner, Hugely Tiny Festival, 2012