Guitar Gods & Wizards, Tichard Pinhas & Friends

  • Date: Sunday, June 24, 2007, 7:30pm
  • Place: Highways Performance Space
  • Location: 1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA
  • Tickets: $15 ($10 members of Highways and NewTown Arts)
  • Reservations: 310-315-1459

Highways and NewTown co-present a concert headlined by French electric guitar innovator Richard Pinhas performing in a trio with Antoine Paganotti (drums) and Jerome Schmidt (electronics) electronics).  Local avant experimental musicians also on the bill will include a duo featuring G.E. Stinson (x tech guitar, effects and pulses) and Steuart Liebig (electric contrabass guitars) as well as a trio of Emily Hay (flutes, vocals and electronics) with Carey Fosse (guitars and effects) and Brad Dutz (percussion).

Richard Pinhas has been a landmark in contemporary, electronic, art rock and jazz music since the early 70s. His band, Heldon, and collaborations with Merzbow, Scanner, Mimetic, Tatsuya Yoshida, Birdsongs of Mezozoic and Sylvain Chauveau. are well-known throughout Europe in experimental and electronica circles. His work also includes spoken-word  collaborations with writers such as Rick Moody, Norman Spinrad, Phil K. Dick and philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Pinhas will perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival and throughout North America this summer with Antoine Paganotti (from Magma) and Jerome Schmidt (electronics). and

G.E. Stinson co-founded the fusion group Shadowfax in the 1970’s and later jettisoned into the Los Angeles underground music scene with his unique extended guitar techniques and frequency manipulations. Electric contrabassist and composer Steuart Liebig, of the famed rock group BLOC, was a side performer for Julius Hemphill and many other projects.  The Stinson/Liebig duo will perform an array of compositions/improves which delve into bent sound manipulation and true guitar experimentalism. Check out their respective websites for bios and details:  and

Emily Hay’s vocals have been described as “the sounds/babbling of a mellowed-out J. Joplin on acid” or “an operatic Yoko Ono”. Her collaborative improvisations with jazz/alternative/funk guitarist Carey Fosse and master world percussionist Brad Dutz  will delight and explore the id.

This event is co-sponsored by NewTown

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