American Symposium

June 16th, 6-11pm
Organized by Spencer Douglass and Matt Wardell and co-sponsored by NewTown

Join us June 16th at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena for an evening of lectures, performance, music and video, including a reading room of artists’ books and publications. With an emphasis on duration, ‘American Symposium’ aims to unite some of the fractured elements of LA’s diverse cultural production.

Come early and stay late.

American Symposium
June 16th, 6-11pm

Armory Center for the Arts
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

2nd Cannons Publications
Jason Brown
Falcon Eddy
Aaron Garber-Maikovska
Roger Herman
Gustavo Herrera
Malisa Humphrey
Ryan Lamb
Julie Lequin
Candice Lin
Anna Oxygen
Lawrence Pearce
William Roper with Christina Linhardt
Ben Shaffer
Jim Skuldt
The Speculative Archive/ Julia Meltzer and David
Robert Summers
Catherine Taft
Wounded Lion

Performances will include Julie Lequin performing her submission for This American Life, Ben Shaffer’s attempt to heal something yet to be determined with transcendental meditation specialist John Briganti, and eight minutes of gestural sampling with Aaron Garber-Maikovska.

Lectures will include Catherine Taft on the early video work of Skip Arnold, a sampling of Jason Brown’s epic inter-disciplinary lectures, and Robert Summers will present a paper bridging the space between Jason Rhoades and erectile dysfunction.

Music will include Anna Oxygen leading the audience through aerobic stretching and meta-physical didactics with synth pop beats, William Roper will present a work with soprano Christina Linhardt that was recently written in residency at the Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus in Bavaria, the folk pop curiosity Falcon Eddy, and the tribal power pop of Wounded Lion.

Following a day of siting their new mobile garden project in Downtown LA, Lauren Bon’s post-Not A Cornfield project, Farmlab will conduct their weekly team meeting in the Armory’s studio; allowing insight into metabolic sculpture, sustainable urban farming, and the workings of a large-scale collaborative project.

The video program will include work from Candice Lin, Malisa Humphrey, Ryan Lamb, Jim Skuldt, and The Speculative Archive’s ‘May You Choke on a Peanut’, which features an improvised curse delivered by Syrian performer Rami Farah.

A reading room will include artists’ books from Gustavo Herrera, artist’s publications from Brian Kennon’s ‘2nd Cannons Publications’, Christopher Russell’s ‘Bedwetter’, Jocko Weyland’s ‘Elk’, and classics of Modern literature with hand-painted covers by Lawrence Pearce.

Roger Herman provides eye candy that functions as good as television, or better.

Come early and stay late.

A NewTown Slush Fund Event

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