Dance STOP

Sunday, May 1st. 8am, 1pm, 6pm

A free, one-day public art performance at the twin bus shelters on the corner of Colorado and Allen in East Pasadena.

City Speaks

December 20, 2013 through today

"City Speaks" brings together the talents of  Southland poets, a concrete ghost of a Morris Chair and an ambient sonic environment in a contemplative al fresco living room. Sit a spell, relax in dappled shade and enjoy poetic reflections on the Crown City of the San Gabriel Valley. Read More

Shelved Art 2

Shelved Art 2 is the second installment of Shelved Art, where postcard-sized art is hidden inside books of all ten Pasadena Public libraries. Shelved Art 2 continues the original project but widens the scope with 7 new artists, and the artwork will remain in the books until serendipitously discovered by library patrons, quite possibly many years after placement. Read More