Upcoming Show: PUMP

October 7 - 21, 2017  Long Beach CA

NewTown will present sculptures by Los Angeles based artist Bessie Kunath, and co-present with Flood a performance/installation by Southern California team Beck + Col. Read More

Open Call: Vladimir’s Underpants

Deadline: September 16, 2017

A sonic and media experience on the goRead More

Tote Your Float

What is a float without its parade? Adventurous? Lost? Sad? Check out Tote Your Float's recent ArtNight event.

NewTown 22

Celebrating NewTown’s 22 year history of supporting artists -  Read More

City Speaks

December 20, 2013 through today

"City Speaks" brings together the talents of  Southland poets, a concrete ghost of a Morris Chair and an ambient sonic environment in a contemplative al fresco living room. Sit a spell, relax in dappled shade and enjoy poetic reflections on the Crown City of the San Gabriel Valley. Read More

Shelved Art 2

Shelved Art 2 is the second installment of Shelved Art, where postcard-sized art is hidden inside books of all ten Pasadena Public libraries. Shelved Art 2 continues the original project but widens the scope with 7 new artists, and the artwork will remain in the books until serendipitously discovered by library patrons, quite possibly many years after placement. Read More