Open Call

Open Call / Guidelines

[ME] Candy

(Rooms with a view…point)
Deadline: Oct 1, 2018

  • Event: Dec 22, 2018 – Jan 5, 2019
  • Location: Armory Center for the Arts
  • Install: Dec 21, 2018
  • De-install: Jan 6, 2019
  • Honorarium: $600 per artist/artist team – materials stipend included
  • Contact: Lorri Deyer •

Project Overview

[Me] Candy puts a new spin on the bewitching Selfie Factory exhibitions taking the country by storm, such as Museum of Ice Cream, 29 Rooms, Happy Place, etc. Housed at the Armory Center for the Arts, the exhibition will be presented within a museum setting, each room using luscious superficiality to lure viewers into an experience of contemplation and scrutiny. The exhibit will run over the Holidays, a time of excess and exuberance.

NewTown will select 6 artists to each create a mini exhibit of the artist(s) creation, with audiences traveling from one stall to another. The experience inside these rooms will explore colorful and tactile manufactured entertainment beyond the tantalizing photo op to be conceptually thought-provoking. In a time of social and political unrest and also insatiable visual stimuli, NewTown offers artists the opportunity to make intoxicating work that has something to say. The use of social media and the issue of the self will be a central theme and tool to the show with camera feeds documenting audience participation to our website.

Criteria for Selection

  • Visual and conceptual pairing (highest priority): NewTown seeks a combination of highly inventive use of materials, especially those that surprise along with tantalize, to create small, experiential rooms that convey conceptually strong imagery. Eye candy is important: the spaces must draw people in to be the temporary star of the room, yet function by saying something more. Priority in our selection will be given to contradiction between the material and concept: beautifully distasteful, calmly frenetic, blissfully sad, politically bubbly — an element of dissonance with social commentary.
  • Collaborations between artists and/or non-artists are encouraged. For example, artists can team up with Cal Tech students, JPL scientists, architects, or their goldfish. (Goldfish understand the dynamics of looking good in an enclosed space. It is rumored in China that some can even jump and photo bomb while taking a selfie)
  • Interaction: We encourage INTERACTIVITY. People should want to take a photo of themselves of course, but if they can scratch and sniff, bend or pop something—excellent! Be inventive.
  • Craftsmanship and Stability: We are seeking well-constructed, carefully thought-out work that is well built and safe.

Artwork Requirements:

  • Original works designed specifically for [Me] Candy.
  • Eye candy, tantalizing experience: consider the photo moment. What do you want the images coming out of your installation to look like? But then, it’s an experience, so what do you want your viewer to see, feel, smell, hear and taste?
  • Conceptual zinger: in the end, you have lured your audience in there to take photos, what do you want your room to say? You have a captive audience that is happily waiting in the poisonous poppyfield of Oz. What does your material really say?
  • Interactive: consider how your audience might be interacting with your exhibit beyond just taking a photo in front of it. What do you want them to DO?
  • Semi-permanent: material should be affixed to the walls or your stall, so that it is the same after your participant leaves it for the next person.
  • Size: Stall rooms will be approximately 8‘ x 8’ and at least 8’ tall.
  • Materials: each room may incorporate any material (not just candy, we’re speaking metaphorically here…or are we? Candy would be wonderful) including electronic devices such as interactive sensors, screens, pocket projectors, speakers for a sound component as you are creating an experience. Just remember that in the end, it is about how the photo translates.
  • Safety – allow for doorway clearances into Armory but also audience clearance inside stall/mini exhibit…if possibly reassembled modules for exhibition.


NewTown is targeting not just museum visitors but also the Selfie camera savvy pop culture world. This exhibit is for all demographics, something grandparents and babies should enjoy. People will want to take photos in front of your room and send it off to the social media biosphere.

To Apply

To Apply: email all questions and materials listed below to Lorri Deyer at by October 1, 2018.
1 – Resume and/or brief biography.

2 – One-page project proposal which includes:

  • Concept or theme
  • Choice of materials and/or technical elements
  • Interaction – what are the visitors to your room supposed to see or DO.
  • Collaborators or teammates, if relevant
  • How project relates to your past or current work, if relevant

3 – Up to 7 images of your past work indicating experience and ability to carry out the project. If this proposal takes you in a new direction, provide samples showing general skills, aesthetics and adaptability. Websites may be cited only as supplemental work samples, not sole documentation.

4 – Annotated image list.

5 – Maximum of 4 sketches, models, or renderings of proposed room.